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Are health care careers a possible career choice for you? Then this site on careers in healthcare is just the place for you to learn what you need to know.

Hi, I'm Kathi... Welcome to my Healthcare Career site!

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healthcare career

Healthcare careers are some of the hottest careers around today, so if you're thinking about getting into this field, it could be an excellent choice... at least from the standpoint of job opportunities and job security.

But, do you have what it takes to get a job—and keep it—in healthcare?

After all, health care careers aren't for everyone. They take compassion, skill, and a strong stomach in some cases. smiley

Hello! My name is Kathi MacNaughton, and I am a registered nurse with a solid background in several different healthcare careers, including home health care and nursing administration that spans more than 2 decades. I've also recruited for health care careers positions of all kinds.

I built this site for YOU... to help anyone who is interested in starting careers in healthcare, whether that be in nursing, medicine, physical therapy, or even an allied health career such as medical transcriptionist, medical coder, pharmacist, mental health tech, or nursing assistant.

I Know What Works and What Doesn't...
When It Comes to Health Care Careers

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I know what it takes to get a job. AND... I've also spent months researching all of the latest wisdom through the Internet and by reviewing the most current reference books on the subject.

I want to help you get that health care job you long for. So, you'll only find true and tested information, tips, and techniques on this health care careers website. Seeking a new job in healthcare can be a terrifying experience—especially if the reason you're in the job market is due to a downsizing or you're just starting out on a new career path. Your self-confidence could be suffering. You may doubt your ability to ever get the job you want.

But, there's no reason to despair or be consumed by worry!

Yes, it's true that launching careers in healthcare in today's marketplace isn't always easy. But you're not alone in your quest. Statistics show that most people change jobs or careers as many as 3 times in their lives. And I'm here to help you make your next change!

"I am so grateful that you had the time to help me improve my resume. Your site is so informative and helped me alot. It is great to have a number of different examples to model mine after. I will definitely be telling all of my friends about your site! It seems everyone I know is looking for a new job and having a rough time. With your help I am sure to have increased my odds! Have a great day. Thank you SO MUCH!!" ... Monet N.

I'm Here to Help You...

On the pages of this health care careers website, you'll find advice on such diverse healthcare careers topics as:

  • nursing career choices
  • nursing career descriptions and other medical job descriptions
  • info on career quizzes and career coaching
  • how to choose a healthcare career
  • how to do a resume
  • good resume samples
  • cover letter tips
  • how to answer job interview questions
  • ... and much more!

So, please take time to look around, and keep coming back... because I'll be adding new content here regularly. If you pay heed to the tips you'll find here at the one-stop career center, you'll be ready to take on a new healthcare career!

Best of health care careers success to you,

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