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Career guidance advice is easy to find on the Web. For example, a free career aptitude test can help you identify your interests, skills, and aptitudes, then match them to jobs that might be right for you. Free career tests can help you figure out if a healthcare career is a good fit.

When you're thinking about making a career change or just planning your first health care career, a career interest inventory test can help you gain valuable insights into some possible options for you to consider.

But don't put too much stock in such things. It's crucial to do the research needed to truly evaluate your various career options too.

It's true that it's hard to know if a job will be a good match for you until you actually do it. But try to learn as much as you can about it ahead of time.

Here is some career guidance advice on a few options you might try:

  • Talk to people already doing the job. You might even see if you can shadow someone for a day or two to see firsthand what the job is all about. Ask them what they like most — and least — about their job.

  • Next, gather the facts about the job/career. Find out what you can at the library or on the Internet about qualifications needed, salary range, required skills, working conditions, etc.

  • Read the professional journals for the career. You may find polls about job satisfaction or articles that can be illuminating about the reality of the job.

You may be wondering just what free career tests are all about. Well, it depends on the specific career aptitude test, of course, but in general, they're career assessment tools designed to help you figure out what you might be good at and/or have an interest in.

Think of it as a jumping off point for planning your healthcare career.

Now, you could hire a professional career coach or counselor to administer one of these tests to you. And, there's certainly a lot of value in taking such a step.

But even though such career guidance advice would be welcome, not everyone can afford to hire a coach or is comfortable sharing their personal information with a stranger.

So, you might want to look into some options that could be cheaper and/or more private, such as a free career aptitude test, and in today's world, online is the way to go!

You'll have many options when looking for a free career tests or other career assessment tools online.

But to help you, I thought I'd offer my own brand of career guidance advice by reviewing the pros and cons of a few different career aptitude test web sites. Keep going to read about these free career tests...

Free Career Aptitude Test Websites Reviews

What Career Is Best For You?
Take a free career assessment test from and find a career that matches your natural motivations.

If you're looking for solid career guidance advice, this site offers a really nice tool. It's not so much a free career aptitude test as it is a more comprehensive personal assessment tool. I used it and it gave me some insights I really didn't anticipate.

The acronym "MAPP" stands for Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential. It only takes about 15 minutes to take the test. What it does is assess your true motivations toward work, allowing you to match yourself to job categories to see where you best fit. So you'll get some insight into whether a healthcare career really is a good match for your interests, etc.

It's free to take this intro quiz and it gives you 5 free job matches. Once you complete your free sample, if you like what you see, you will have the option to purchase a more comprehensive assessment—for a reasonable price, of course.

They say the MAPP is based on 40 years of experience. It's a unique online career test that seeks to guide, motivate and empower people to achieve their greatest educational and career potential. I'd say that's pretty promising career guidance advice, wouldn't you?

Over 4.5 million people have taken the MAPP assessment test, so they must be doing something right! Oh, and it's available in nine languages; Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

The only thing I didn't like about it is I found it hard to sit through the 71 questions all at one pop. But that's not really a big problem, since they allow you to save your work in progress and come back to finish up later.

Take the FREE MAPP Assessment NOW!

At this site, you can get more career guidance advice by taking yet another free career aptitude test. offers a nice interface. First, you'll answer a few personal questions and you DO have to provide your email and address, which I wasn't thrilled about. But it's probably worth it...

Next, you start the actual career aptitude test part of the system. You'll be presented with 10 groups of 3 work-related activities. For each group, you'll be asked to decide which activity you like MOST, as well as which activity you like LEAST.

You'll answer 100 sets of diverse questions. It takes about 25 minutes if you put thought into each group. After you're done, you'll be "forced" to look at an advertisement, but you can just click the "No thanks" button to move to the results of your test.

It's a very comprehensive career guidance advice report, complete with...

  • An Introductory Page
  • Your Basic Interest Scores
  • Interpreting Your Basic Interests
  • Workplace Fit - Introduction
  • Your Workplace Fit Graph
  • Preview of Matching Careers and Educational Areas

When you view the results of your career interest inventory test, be sure to look at both the areas of low interest as well as those of high interest.

They'll also give you a bit of analysis and career guidance advice, but of course they ARE a business, so they'll ask you to upgrade to get the full report. While I love the idea of a free career aptitude test, you really can't complain too much about paying a measly $25 bucks for such a powerful career assessment tool. Click this link to take their free career interest inventory test:


Another option for a career aptitude test online is Their test is a bit different when it comes to a career assessment tool. They're more about fulfilling your life's purpose through your career.

This test consists of picking your answer to imagining 4 different "dream" lives. The questions don't all seem that connected to career. Once you're done, they want you to look at ads, of course. The ads are what enable you to take the test for free, so don't begrudge them, OK?

Just click "No, I'm not interested" a few times and you'll get to your results!

The results are nothing to write home about though. There's a short analysis and then—on the pretext of offering more advice—they take you to a page of ads.

Oh well, it doesn't cost anything and it might get you thinking!

Here's the link:

You can find many other sources of career guidance advice by "Googling" the terms "free career aptitude test" or "free career tests", etc. Have fun!


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