Resume Objective Samples:

How NOT to Do A Resume Objective Statement

These resume objective samples show how a poorly conceived and written resume objective statement can do more harm than good.

Resume objectives may — in certain situations — serve a purpose. But if you use them — and many resume writing experts today recommend that you don’t — make sure they don’t look like each resume objective example we’ve collected here!(Read more about the pros and cons of using resume objectives) Take a gander now at what not to do...

From and Robert Half, here are some resume objective samples that are not memorable or employer-oriented:

"To work for a company with a warm environment and great pay."

"To utilize my skills and experience working for an aggressive company, but more important, a well-balanced company."

"Prepare myself to become president of a large corporation. I would like to do this through continued exposure to top management who are willing to mentor me. At the same time, I have a pilot's license and am presently studying for my instrument rating. This will enable me to rapidly move myself and my mentors in all weather conditions."

"To work as a bookkeeper where acuracy is appreciated."

"A job that challenges me. Challenge is the core and mainstay of my life, whether it's scaling a high mountain or riding out a storm in my sailboat. Without a challenge, a man might as well be dead."

Here's one of the most typical meaningless resume objective samples:

"________position allowing me to fully utilize my nursing skills and attributes and providing professional advancement opportunities."

Does that resume objective statement say anything to you about what this candidate has to offer? Me neither!

These are just a few resume objective samples to show you what to avoid. Click the link to see more effective resume objective examples.

Or, even better in some experts’ eyes, are power statements or career summaries. Whatever you decide about using a resume objective, make sure you do it well! And come back here often to refer to these ineffective resume objective samples.

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